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Well, that wasted a few hours of my life.

Blackmantle - Patricia Kennealy-Morrison

I like fantasy and science fiction.  I don't mind crazy premises, or mixing science and magic, or any number of impossible things.  What don't I like?  An author working out their weird psychodrama in their book, and not being at all subtle about it.  I really enjoyed the first book in her "Celts in Space" series (The Copper Crown) - not great lit by any means, but a fun read.  But the series went down hill, and it hits rock bottom in this over-sized turkey.  Who needs a heroine who is not at all heroic?  Not me.  (if you ignore my warnings and read this book, wait until you get to the scene with the bees.)  I kept this book on my shelf for many years, just so I would remember to avoid purchasing any more titles from the author.